Who is TTS Logistics?

TTS Logistics was founded in 2013 as an Asset Based Brokerage.  TTS started out with 1 employee in 2013 working in a small 200 square foot office space.  The goal was to provide an exceptional experience for our clients that was very reliable.


TTS initially positioned itself in the refrigerated market sector because of the founders knowledge in the produce industry.  The perception at that time in the industry was that brokerages and carries were unreliable and unable to provide a consistently positive experience shipment after shipment.   TTS’s Founders were passionate about delivering that experience and were confident they could give their clients just that through key partnerships and a highly trained Logistics Professionals.  “Superior Service, Reliable Results” is still our moto today and the original Founders stand behind that promise and commitment to ensure it happens for each and every shipment.


TTS has distinguished itself over the years by guaranteeing that we will stand behind our service promise to our clients.   In order to do this TTS continually looks for and develops the  very best talent in the industry so that we can stand behind that guarantee.


Since 2013 TTS has grown to 2 Office Locations, MT. Pleasant MI & Grand Rapids MI, and achieved substantial growth year after year.  This has been done through talent acquisition and further development of that talent along with the very latest and best in technology.


Our Logistics Professionals are highly trained in every aspect of the supply chain so that they are able to analyze our clients ever growing and changing needs.  This allows TTS Professionals to implement a true solution with measurable results.  TTS continues to invest in the latest technology and the continued training of our Professionals to ensure we can provide “Superior Service” with “Reliable Results.”