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The military doesn’t just teach hard work, it demands it. And, for any business to win, there’s no substitute for hard work.

Veterans are to be examples to society by holding to the service’s core values: courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and selfless commitment.

TTS actively recruits veterans to join our team. Quick decision making, problem solving, and teamwork make our organization successful and we know veterans share these attributes!

TTS Logistics
TTS Logistics
As of 2 p.m. EDT Sunday, Isaias was just off the east-central Florida coast, moving slowly north-northwestward, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). “Tropical Storm Isaias is forecast to move northward and make landfall over parts of the Carolinas on Monday,” NWS stated.

“While Isaias is no longer forecast to restrengthen into a hurricane … dangerous storm surge of 2 to 4 feet is expected in some coastal areas of Florida. Isaias is then forecast to move north toward the Carolinas and make landfall there today, causing high winds. Heavy rainfall totals are expected to cause potentially life-threatening flash flooding over the Carolinas and then the Mid-Atlantic Monday and Tuesday as Isaias moves north.”

Truckers, be prepared, be aware.
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TTS Logistics
TTS Logistics is in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Grand Rapids, Michigan
The FBI issued a cautionary notice warning truckers that cyber criminals could target electronic logging device vulnerabilities as a means of seizing business information, but industry experts note that hackers have as yet not found a way to crack into ELD data.

The FBI notification defined ELDs as devices that electronically send inspection reports to FMCSA, and are required to connect to a vehicle’s electronic control module in order to track date, time, location information, engine hours, vehicle miles, user identification data, vehicle identification data and motor carrier identification data.

Commands passed into the vehicle network through an ELD could affect functions such as vehicle controls and the accuracy of the console display, the FBI said.

“Cyber criminals interested in stealing data such as personal information, business and financial records, location history and vehicle tracking, or other proprietary data such as lists of customers and cargo can use vulnerabilities in ELDs as a way in to access trucking companies’ enterprise networks and databases,” it noted.

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Our TTS team players are positive, optimistic, and entirely focused on winning. These are the trademarks of winners. We do whatever it takes to win. We know we have to “get it done.”

Think about a soldier on a dangerous mission, a doctor saving a life, or a firefighter trying to pull a child from a burning building. They don’t think “I can’t”; they don’t complain “why me”; and there’s certainly no time for excuses. They put their head down and get it done. That is the TTS Mentality.

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The truck load locks  failed in the trailer which caused pallets full of produce to lean on the trailer making it to be unsafe to unload.


TTS took the truck load up to our Mt. Pleasant office/shop where we pulled out the the pallets, restored and banded the load up and reloaded it. 


TTS completed a successful delivery of the product!