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The military doesn’t just teach hard work, it demands it. And, for any business to win, there’s no substitute for hard work.

Veterans are to be examples to society by holding to the service’s core values: courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and selfless commitment.

TTS actively recruits veterans to join our team. Quick decision making, problem solving, and teamwork make our organization successful and we know veterans share these attributes!

TTS Logistics
TTS Logistics
The Idaho potato industry is facing extremely short supplies from August to September; even though this is not unusual since only one crop gets planted in a year, the shortage has happened a bit early this year.

So what caused the intense shortage this year?

The sweltering, dry and smoky conditions during the 2021 growing season cut down 25%-30% of yields across Idaho. The smoke from wildfires in California and Colorado created cloud cover in Idaho and prohibited plants from getting the right amount of sun they needed.

Not to worry, this shortage won't last long as growers are preparing for production to ramp up over the next several weeks.

What can you do as a consumer?
- Be flexible with size
- Be flexible by region
- Have an open mind and explore other varieties

Expect a slow ramp-up as the supply chain is filled again and average yields for the upcoming season, with strong pricing, especially at the start.

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TTS Logistics
TTS Logistics
Despite massive market disruptions and supply chain problems with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. per capita availability of fresh vegetables rose 1.2% in 2020, new statistics from the USDA show.

Here are selected 2020 per capita fresh vegetable numbers, with percent change from 2019:

Asparagus: 1.83 pounds, up 4.6%
Snap/green beans: 1.3 pounds, down 5.8%
Broccoli: 5.86 pounds, down 0.9%
Cabbage: 6.25 pounds, down 1.6%
Carrots: 7.71 pounds, down 9%
Cauliflower: 2.61 pounds, down 13.6%
Sweet corn: 4.67 pounds, down 8.6%
Cucumbers: 7.51 pounds: down 4.1%
Lettuce: 26.8 pounds, up 6.1%
Onions: 20.44 pounds, up 5.47%
Bell peppers: 11 pounds, up 1.2%
Tomatoes: 19.32 pounds, up 5.3%
Potatoes: 31.47 pounds: up 4.7%
Sweet potatoes (includes processing): 6.7 pounds, down 6.3%
Mushrooms: 2.79 pounds, up 0.7%.
Source: PMG, USDA

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Our TTS team players are positive, optimistic, and entirely focused on winning. These are the trademarks of winners. We do whatever it takes to win. We know we have to “get it done.”

Think about a soldier on a dangerous mission, a doctor saving a life, or a firefighter trying to pull a child from a burning building. They don’t think “I can’t”; they don’t complain “why me”; and there’s certainly no time for excuses. They put their head down and get it done. That is the TTS Mentality.

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    The truck load locks  failed in the trailer which caused pallets full of produce to lean on the trailer making it to be unsafe to unload.


    TTS took the truck load up to our Mt. Pleasant office/shop where we pulled out the the pallets, restored and banded the load up and reloaded it. 


    TTS completed a successful delivery of the product!