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The military doesn’t just teach hard work, it demands it. And, for any business to win, there’s no substitute for hard work.

Veterans are to be examples to society by holding to the service’s core values: courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and selfless commitment.

TTS actively recruits veterans to join our team. Quick decision making, problem solving, and teamwork make our organization successful and we know veterans share these attributes!

TTS Logistics
TTS Logistics
Don't forget the pear when it's snack time!

Nearly three-fourths of pear buyers (73%) said they grabbed pears as an easy in-between-meal item.

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TTS Logistics
TTS Logistics is in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Grand Rapids, Michigan
TTS Logistics
TTS Logistics is in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Grand Rapids, Michigan
To ensure that fresh produce gets to where it needs to go means a consistent temperature from the first refrigeration, during transit, all the way to the market. From refrigerated warehouses in production areas, goods need to be transported at stable temperatures on refrigerated trucks (reefers), to commercial or centralized warehouses, which also needs to be temperature-controlled.

The produce supply chain is riddled with complexities but one way to simplify the process and deliver temperature-sensitive products with ease is to use technology. Carriers should empower suppliers and offer visibility into their shipment. We are your partner with the right technology in place, instant delivery notifications, real-time temperature updates and temperature reports.

You can count on TTS to safely transport your produce.

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Our TTS team players are positive, optimistic, and entirely focused on winning. These are the trademarks of winners. We do whatever it takes to win. We know we have to “get it done.”

Think about a soldier on a dangerous mission, a doctor saving a life, or a firefighter trying to pull a child from a burning building. They don’t think “I can’t”; they don’t complain “why me”; and there’s certainly no time for excuses. They put their head down and get it done. That is the TTS Mentality.

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    The truck load locks  failed in the trailer which caused pallets full of produce to lean on the trailer making it to be unsafe to unload.


    TTS took the truck load up to our Mt. Pleasant office/shop where we pulled out the the pallets, restored and banded the load up and reloaded it. 


    TTS completed a successful delivery of the product!